Markie Bernardy
August 22, 2016

When I saw a few companies online posting about their own “Office Olympics ” I thought: “That looks fun!” I’ve worked for several businesses, some who entourage team bonding and some who did not. We had a few busy weeks coming up but I still brought it up to Terry and he loved the idea!


This was a great way for me to get to know the team, for all of us to take a little break, and to have a little fun during our busy work days. Below you will find a brief description of our 5 Office Olympic Games, and a short how to so that you can have your own Office Olympics!

Game 1: Paper Ball Toss

Materials Needed:
1 piece of 8.5 x 11 paper
1 small recycle bin

Paper Ball Toss

Office Olympics Paper Ball Toss

We felt this would be more exciting if we increased the distance with each throw. We started by crumpling up our piece of paper, establishing our start line, and then placed the recycle bin about 3-4 feet from the start line. Each person got one throw (underhand only), and if you didn’t make it in the basket you were out. We then moved the recycle bin back about 1 foot each time. You would think this would be easy right!? Nope! That paper ball has a mind of it’s own! Carissa landed the winning throw about 8 feet from the start line! Way to go!

Game 2: Desk Chair Race

Materials Needed:
1 desk chair with wheels

1. You can only go forward (no backwards racing!)
2. You must keep your hands and bottom on the seat! Yep, that’s right, you can only use your feet!

Desk Chair Race

Office Olympics Desk Chair Race

Depending on the space that you have, you can either do one big race or time trials like we did. This sounds a lot easier than it is! We were originally going to race the entire length of our hallway, but decided to cut the length in half once we realized the difficulty! With each time trial there seemed to be a new strategy as times got faster and faster! Our winner was Ross with a speedy 7 seconds!

Game 3: Olympic Trivia

There are a few options for Olympic Trivia. You could play it individually or in teams and answers could either be written down or you could “buzz in”. Our office chose to play individually and write down the answers. Below are the 5 questions I used… and just in case someone wasn’t up to date on their Olympic knowledge I did throw in two “law” themed questions! Aaron got all 5 right taking home the gold medal!

Question 1: There are 5 Olympic rings. Name their 5 colors. Bonus point if you name them in correct order from top to bottom, left to right. (2 points available)
Question 2: What is the basic difference between Libel and Slander? (1 point available)
Question 3: How many gold medals does Michael Phelps currently have? (1 point available)
Question 4: Who was the first female Supreme Court Justice? Bonus point if you can name the President who appointed her. (2 points available)
Question 5: Which of the following is NOT a sport that you would find in the 2016 Summer Olympics? (1 point available)
BMX, Trampoline, Croquet, or Handball

Tie Breaker if needed:
What is the nickname of this year’s gold winning women’s gymnastics team?

Olympic Trivia

Office Olympics Olympic Trivia

1. Top: Blue, Black Red Bottom: Yellow, Green
2. Libal is written, printed or broadcast. Slander is only spoken
3. 23 gold medals
4. Sandra Day O’Connor, President Ronald Regan
5. Croquet
6. The Final Five

Game 4: Long Distance Putt

Materials Needed:
1 putter
1 golf ball
1 piece of paper
Sticky Notes

Office Olympics Long Distance Putt

Office Olympics Long Distance Putt

Since Golf was finally back in the Olympics we had to incorporate it into our Office Olympics! We drew a circle on a piece of paper, put it at the end of the hall, and decided that who ever got their putt closest to the hole would be the winner. Everyone was allowed two putts, and the closest putts were marked on the ground with a sticky note. And we saved the best for last… Terry was closest to the hole and he only needed one putt to win!

Game 5: Staple Pull

Materials Needed:
Index cards

Unfortunately, we did not get to this game, as schedules got busy. Our office was not looking forward to this one anyways, but it sure would have fun to watch!

The objective would have been to remove 5 staples from an index card… with only your fingers! The person to do it in the fastest amount of time, with the least damage done to the paper would have been our winner.

DIY Gold Medals

Materials Needed:
Gold Chocolate Coins
Hot Glue Gun

DIY Gold Medal

DIY Gold Medal

Making our own gold medals was very easy. I was able to pick up gold chocolate coin from Walgreens, and each little sack was only 99 cents. I spent roughly $6 for all 5 of my gold meals.

To make the medals, I glued together 3 large coins in the shape of Mickey Mouse. I then glued another smaller coin in between what would be the ears, and glued the ribbon to the back. Pretty simple! These took me less than 30 minutes to make all 5.

And the best part? All the winners were able to enjoy a sweet little treat after their victories!

The Verdict:

Overall, everyone really enjoyed our Office Olympic Games. It was fun, easy, and didn’t take too much time out of anyone’s day. Each day, everyone would look forward to the next game. It provided several laughs, allowed us to relax a bit, and got us working together on the best strategies to win. We will for sure repeat this next year, and we can’t wait to put a new spin on it for the Winter Games in 2018!

* Oh and be sure to tell everyone to wait to eat their gold medals! I wanted to get a photo of all of our gold medal winners on the last day but the gold medals had oddly “disappeared!”

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